AA Rechargeable Batteries

AA Rechargeable Batteries

AA Rechargeable Batteries: Small Pack, Big Power.

Rechargeable AA batteries are an essential part of modern life. They power household gadgets, cars, and the most high-tech medical devices run on batteries. There are many different types of batteries, and each one has a specific use. Out of all AA batteries available in the market, AA rechargeable battery NiMh is the most popular type.

The AA rechargeable battery NiMh type is famous for several reasons. Long shelf life, high performance, extended battery life, and safety are notable ones. The rechargeable AA batteries have been around for years. Thanks to the technology evolutions, its applications cover low as well as high-drain devices. One can also buy an AA rechargeable battery for camera, torch, battery-operated toys, and other high-drain devices.

AA Rechargeable Batteries 800 mAH

Our batteries are popular among users for many reasons, and the recharge cycle is one of them. The technological advancements made Smartcell’s rechargeable batteries AA type offers a recharge cycle of 1200 times. This feature saves users from buying many sets of batteries. Being one of the most trusted battery manufacturer brands, Smartcell brings a premium series of power-pack batteries. Hence buying rechargeable batteries saves a lot of money.

With Smartcell AA rechargeable batteries, use your devices to their total capacity. Advanced features enable you to have enough power for emergencies such as power outages.

Smartcell AA Rechargeable batteries give your devices higher power backup.

Today, it’s all too easy to buy disposable batteries. But the cost of replacing them may be far more expensive than you think. Buying single-use batteries at the current rate can cost up to Rs. 80,000 per year if you use a pair of two AA batteries a day. Making the switch to rechargeable AA batteries can save you money and help the planet by reducing waste.

AA Rechargeable Batteries Back

The power needs for our favorite gadgets have increased as technology becomes more advanced. The popularity of renewable energy sources such as solar panels makes people look for cheaper alternatives for battery backups. Still, Smartcell’s AA rechargeable batteries are popular among customers. Its main credit goes to the features offered. Check out some of the notable ones:

Recharge Cycle-

Choose Smartcell’s batteries if you want to buy a pair of AA rechargeable batteries for toys, trimmer, camera, or other high-drain devices. Our batteries can be rechargeable up to 1200 times, as tested under IEC 61951-2 standards. Investing in Smartcell batteries is a wise investment that saves your money in the long run. 


We rely on accepted technology to manufacture our batteries. Our rechargeable battery NiMH types are the best choice for powering all your electronics. They have a longer shelf life, more environmentally friendly compared to its counterpart, i.e. NiCd rechargeable batteries.

BIS Approved-

We only sell BIS-approved & licensed rechargeable batteries AA types. Our batteries meet all Indian requirements sectioned under IS-16046. You can trust Smartcell to buy standard batteries for multi-portable applications. 

Shelf Life

Our batteries come with an impressive life shelf of 5 years, as applicable from the manufacturing date. If you are looking for an AA rechargeable battery for toy cars, audio players, or any other high-drain device, buying Smartcell batteries is a wise investment.


Our batteries are safe for different Indian climatic conditions. Hence they are 100% secure and a perfect fit for varying temperature conditions. There’s no need to take extra care of your batteries if you buy the best rechargeable AA types from Smartcell. 

Technical Support-

We offer after-sale technical support for one year for free. If you choose Smartcell to buy rechargeable batteries for toys, cameras, radios, or any other portable device, get the on-spot technical help.

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