About Smartcell

Company Overview

First, some backstory. Cyfuture is a conglomerate with extensive expertise in all things tech. From the nuances of Cloud Services using industry-leading Cloud Service Providers viz. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba, to the nitty-gritties of server hosting, Cyfuture is adept at it all.

With our very own Tier-III Data Centers (yes, we have multiple sites!) that are helping India achieve safe & secure digitization, we have gone from strength to strength on the path of technology. Our next vision is to illuminate and energize homes all over the world, with Smartcell.

Born from the idea that our society needs power in myriad efficient forms to continue on an upward trajectory of growth, prosperity & advancement, SmartCell is an amalgamation of cutting-edge tech in the energy storage arena and solid logistical background in the manufacturing sector.

Backed by the stupendously talented team at the helm of Futuristic IDC, SmartCell capitalizes on the decades-long experience of our management & wide exposure to core technologies in far-reaching areas for delivering steady power at the exact pace you need – whether it is instantaneous power boosts, or slow & steady cycles.

Smartcell batteries pack a punch – are you ready?

Vision & Mission

To make life more connected, entertaining,
personalized and productive.

Our vision to produce batteries for all applications from portable to large. In coming year you may find some battery products which can power stand still large devices & automotives.

With dedicated innovative R&D team our aim is to bring advanced battery systems such as Lithium ion Battery Pack to power Low Speed EVs , High Speed EVs.

Core Values

  • Design & Development
    with Dedicated
    R&D Team’s
  • Completely Automatic
    Production to maintain
    High Quality and safety
  • Innovation in each
    and every product for
    advancement in
  • Excellence in each
    and every product
    for better productivity