Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It?

Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It?

Auth Nishant Nath | Feb 27,2020

To some, rechargeable batteries might seem like an unworthy investment. Why not? They cost almost 5 times a normal non-rechargeable battery with the same power density.

However, what many of us fail to realize is a single rechargeable SMARTCELL can easily cover its cost while still in use, and for devices that are extremely power consuming, there is no better alternative than rechargeable batteries.

Here, in this blog, we have highlighted top reasons why and when you should consider buying rechargeable AA or AAA cells instead of one-time-use non-rechargeable ones.

When Should You Buy a Rechargeable AA Battery?

AA batteries are more powerful than AAA, given they pack more charge than its AAA counterpart. When the requirement is such that there is an enormous power dissipation, rechargeable batteries can actually help save costs.

Rechargeable Batteries

Any normal AA battery costs not less than 30 bucks, and with toys like drones, no battery would last longer than a week (averaged for 2 hours of daily use). So, in a month you would have spent more on buying batteries than you spent on buying the drone.

Moreover, there are not many toys that run on a single battery. Almost all electronic devices typically need at least 2 AAAs, and some may also feature as many as 5 AAs cells.

When the scenario is such that frequent replacement is more of a need than an option, it is best to buy rechargeable batteries.

Are Rechargeable Batteries Overpriced?

Yes and no. Depending upon how you intend to use SMARTCELL’s rechargeable batteries, you will find that it is both overpriced and worth the money.

Say, you do not operate any power-hungry drone and the only gadget you buy AA or AAA batteries for is a remote controller.

SMARTCELL batteries

No matter how many times a minute you switch TV channels, SMARTCELL batteries in a normal RC will not die until several years. Besides, modern RCs are so designed to use as little power as possible, while still delivering unmatched performance. From both technical and financial standpoints, it makes little sense to use rechargeable AA cells in an RC, and your recharging adapter will probably sit idle and catch rust.


On average, you would never need to replace your Remote’s batteries more frequently than once in a year. Thus, a non-rechargeable cell is the best alternative, unless, of course, you switch cells between devices or have otherwise committed to generating as little waste as possible.

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