Best Portable AA Battery Vs. AAA – Which One Is Better for Camera?

Best Portable AA Battery Vs. AAA – Which One Is Better for Camera?

Auth Sakshi Chaudhary | Jul 31,2021

Imagine you are capturing your favorite moment, and your camera battery gets off. Has this ever happened to you? Well, you will have to face such an awful situation if you ignore replenishing your batteries. Batteries are small in appearance, but without them, your device will not work.

Gone are the days when batteries needed to charge equipment were too large and heavy. In today’s era, all electrical devices, from clocks to phones, depend on batteries. There are several battery types available in the market, but the most popular are the best portable AA battery and AAA batteries.

As gadgets become smaller, the need for smaller batteries arises. Since the smallest battery is “A,” manufacturers label new smaller batteries as AA, AAA, and AAAA. Now you know how AA and AAA batteries derived their names. It’s time to find out the difference between AA and AAA batteries. Let’s compare these two battery types to know which battery lasts long with cameras. 

1.   Dimensions – Portable AA Batteries

The AA batteries are larger than the AAA batteries in dimension or size. Also, they have a length of 49.2–50.5 mm and weigh roughly 23 g. Whereas, the AAA batteries are 13.5–14.5 mm in length and weigh roughly 15 g. The size of the battery is important since it determines the capacity of the battery.

2.   Output – Portable AA Batteries

The voltage output of the non-rechargeable AA and AAA batteries is the same, i.e, 1.5 volts. AA batteries are larger; they may hold more charge than AAA batteries. For example, 1.2V rechargeable AA batteries offer a battery capacity of 2500mAH. While AAA batteries offer the same output voltage come in 1000mAH battery capacity.

3.   Cost – Portable AA Batteries

Price is one of the crucial factors that decide which is the right choice between AA and AAA batteries for portable devices. Although AA batteries are larger, they are less expensive than AAA batteries. Other than size, the price also varies because of the supply and demand matrices. According to Which Reviews, 6 of every 10 rechargeable batteries sold in the market are AA, and the remaining are AAA. It gives an idea of the high demand for rechargeable AA batteries. Because of the high demand, their cost is less compared to AAA batteries.

4.   Usage – Portable AA Batteries

Since AA batteries can hold more charge, they are preferred for devices that need more power, like toys, wall clocks, and other portable electronics. AAA batteries are perfect for small electronic devices such as TV remotes and digital cameras. As these devices operate on low power, they work fine with AAA batteries.

5.    Working – Portable AA Batteries

Like any other battery, the best portable AA battery and AAA are electrochemical devices. They transform chemical energy into electrical energy. So, regardless of their size, intended use, and the amount of charge, they works on the same principle.

6.   Electrical Characteristics – Portable AA Batteries

Chargers for rechargeable AA and AAA batteries can be the same or different. It depends on the manufacturer. So check the specifications before buying. Yet, rechargeable batteries of some reputed brands, such as Smartcell, do not have this problem. One can charge batteries of different capacities with Smartcell Ni-mH rechargeable battery charger. This charger can charge rechargeable batteries of different brands as well.

7.   Voltage – Portable AA Batteries

AA and AAA batteries are single-cell batteries that may carry the same voltage. As AAA batteries are smaller, they hold a small fraction of electrochemical substances with an electric charge. AA batteries have a higher voltage than AAA batteries. It indicates that they are more efficient and will last longer than AAA batteries. AAA batteries, despite their modest size, may have a higher capacity than AA batteries. Well, this only applies to AAA batteries of higher quality.

Why Should One Count on Rechargeable Batteries for Portable Devices?

  • Regular batteries might run out fast and need replacement often. Purchasing batteries is also costly, cumbersome, and harmful to the environment. Disposable AAA batteries lack the power punch that AA rechargeable batteries provide. They’re safer and more dependable because they’re rechargeable.
  • Single-use batteries are of no use as soon as they run out. One can charge rechargeable batteries hundreds or thousands of times. Rechargeable batteries do not contain harmful substances, so they are eco-friendly choices.
  • Rechargeable batteries are also recyclable, resulting in less waste in the environment. After a few recharges, you don’t have to charge again and again. A nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery resolves battery leakage concerns.
  • AA batteries power a wide range of equipment, and their long service life allows for considerable savings. Any gadget that needs a battery can use rechargeable batteries.

Best Portable AA Battery Vs. AAA- Cost Comparison

Well, Under Rs. 1100, a pack of four Smartcell rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries with 800mAh capacity and a charger. One can charge these batteries up to 1200 times or more. On average, a single person uses two sets of disposable alkaline AAs each year. So, at present rates, disposable batteries would cost roughly Rs.—80,000 or more.

If you desire to buy affordable batteries, the price of one best portable AA battery will appear trivial to you. The cost of these batteries is proportional to their capacity. Choose any AAA battery with capacities under 2,500mAh and 1000mAh to get the best deal. So, it’s best to buy low-capacity batteries and use them for more than 1200 cycles. The amount of money you’ll save in total will amaze you.


Batteries have reshaped Consumer electronics by making them more portable than before. The best portable battery AA and AAA batteries are the most used of all types of batteries. Both batteries operate on the same principle and provide the same output voltage. As you can see from the AA versus AAA battery comparison, they are still very different. Whether it’s usage, cost or dimension, AA and AAA batteries serve different purposes. If you are looking for environmentally safe batteries, browse Smartcells products to get your best deal ever!

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