Characteristics you Need to Look for Before Buying any Battery

Characteristics you Need to Look for Before Buying any Battery

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Apr 01,2020

We often get puzzled about the type of batteries you need to buy. With so many battery variants available in the market, it gets very confusing for customers to look for the right batteries amidst so many brands. The ideal manner of buying any battery starts with looking at different features like the number of recharge cycles, the energy density, the capacity, and their shelf life.

But the Real Question is, are Those Mentioned Features Real?

Some batteries are built for long life, for some, it is big and bulky, the specific features you need, do you need an AA or a AAA one. 

Battery manufacturers are very well aware of customer needs and demands. They know which batteries best suit the specific applications. What customers really need from batteries is small sizes, high energy density, low price, long-lasting power, and a higher number of recharge cycles.

But, How to Make Sure that You are Buying the Right Pair of Batteries?

The easy way is to learn about the various characteristics that are important in a battery. In simple words, every battery should possess some features that make it an exceptional product. If you will be aware as a smart buyer, then only you will indulge in products that are more than what they advertise about. 

These characteristics include:

The Number of Recharge Cycles

Recharge cycles specify the number of times a battery can be recharged once it gets discharged. An AA and AAA Rechargeable battery come with specific type recharge cycles which makes defines its power and how long can it use it for. Most popular brands come forth with only 400 recharge cycles. 

AS for the SmartCell batteries, the tests have had exemplified results stating that their batteries can be recharged as many as 1200 times. These are designed in a way that keeps the internal discharge rate very low. This means that you can use them for devices, and they will still use the minimal amount of power for their devices. In simple words, that these batteries can retain their energy more than any other conventional battery. 

BIS Certification 

A BIS Certificate is permission provided to any third-party company manufacturing energy solutions entailing that their products hold the quality, safety, and reliability that is recommended by the Government of India. Furthermore, BIS Certification is made mandatory for certain products taking into consideration the health and safety of the products.

This certificate came into existence in 1987 through an Act of Parliament. This certificate is synonyms with quality products and it is required to have this certificate for any product. SmartCell has the BIS Certificate required for its products meaning that it is consistent with the health and safety of consumers and Is perfect to be used by them. 

Leak-Proof Nature of the Batteries 

Well, it is normal for batteries to leak some amount of power when they are not in operation. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether the types of batteries you are using are leak-proof or not. SmartCell has engineered its batteries in such a manner that it is completely leak-proof in nature. This makes such batteries highly reliable and useful for any household use for customers of every age. 

Uninterrupted Power 

A good battery is one that supplies consistent power to all its devices. This means that there is no power break in these batteries. SmartCell is engineered in a manner that it supplies your devices will uninterrupted power in every case. So, no matter if you use them in a high drain, medium drain, and low drain devices, it will keep on supplying all products with compatible power sources.

Powerful Green Energy 

Green energy is all about reducing the hazards emerging due to the pilling up of battery waste. SmartCell batteries are an initiative to promote green energy. This means that these batteries will keep on running your energy systems with power for a longer duration than the conventional batteries. These batteries use environment-friendly material which is both, safe and highly powerful for all types of suitable applications. This way, the amount of waste generated due to such batteries will decrease and you can do your part as a green customer. 

Are SmartCell Batteries Safe to Use?

SmartCell batteries use cutting-edge technology to research and develop their batteries. This means that these batteries not only think about their customers but also about the environment in which they are used. Therefore, it will be right to say that these batteries contain the power you need for your devices and better than the most popular conventional batteries. 

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