Everything You Need to Know About AA Batteries

Everything You Need to Know About AA Batteries

Auth Nishant Nath | Mar 26,2020

AA batteries are like the most common batteries in circulation today. Be it a torch, a radio, remotes, toys or any other type of equipment, you need these pairs of swappable batteries. With its classic shape and size of a standard battery, you must look for the right pair for powering your smart devices. These batteries are highly versatile and widely available around the world.

This guide will give you a rundown of the different types of an AA battery, their material variants, and performance guidelines. It helps you clarity about the process and how you can use them safely and economically for all your cell-powered devices. 

The Various Different Types of AA Batteries 

The first thing that customers encounter when looking to buy AA battery is the different sorts of it available in the market, the different sorts of manufacturers supplying such batteries, and the capacity they come at. 

It is always better to look for different types of options before you settle for one. There are different types of batteries sold in the hardware stores, electrical retailers, supermarkets, petrol stations, and other places.

In case you have been wondering about the different types of AA batteries, then the following are different variants of it you are lookout for. 

AA battery

AA Rechargeable Battery

These types of batteries are extremely popular in the market. They are available almost everywhere. They are a good purchase over the non-rechargeable AA batteries since they are not degraded easily and can function for a very long time. The most common variant of it is the Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery.

These batteries are convenient and cost-effective. It is much better than the non-rechargeable since they can be recharged many numbers of times (in case of SmartCell batteries, they can be recharged 1200 times). All you need is a charger for those batteries and once these are discharged, they can be charged again and reused again. This decreases the amount of battery waste generated and is an environment-friendly option as well. 

It is common to find these batteries and the specific charger for them online or offline. Rechargeable AA battery is widely available and together combined, they can form a single pair of the larger battery. They are suitable for many options requiring more than one or two batteries to operate like digital cameras, torches, etc. 

The common pack configurations include 2,4,6, 8, 12 batteries assembled in series or parallel or a combination of the two. These packs usually feature secondary wrapping or plastic end caps placed around the entire grouping. This is mainly done to keep them in their intended order. The benefit of using these types of batteries is for devices that require multiple batteries for power on mode. 

AA Alkaline Battery 

These are the standard type of AA batteries and are the ready-to-purchase types of batteries. These are good for one time use after which they have to be discarded. These are mostly used for low-powered consumer electronics devices like cordless phones, smaller flashlights, TV remotes, games and toys, kitchen supplies and other grooming gadgets. These are cheap and effective but unlike the rechargeable ones, they are available only for a limited amount of time. 

These are highly cost-effective in the short term of their use and are suitable for a brand range of low-drain devices. You can have a pair of spare alkaline batteries in your home right now as well. 

AA Lithium Batteries 

These types of batteries combine with other compounds and are used into mobile phones, laptops, drones, vaping devices, and a broad catalogue of other high drain consumer electronic products. These operate at a significantly higher voltage than the Ni-MH or alkaline batteries. Many types of batteries, when placed in a wrong charger, may leak or rupture but the Li-ions can ignite with shocking violence as well if they are mishandled or improperly handled. 

A standard AA lithium battery is not intended to be recharged again and is very powerful and very long-lasting as well. These are solid for the robust shorter-term use in high-drain equipment such as digital cameras. They are even ideal for smoke alarms. 

Wrapping it Up

The AA battery is a staple for everyday life and is often purchased for their short-term usage. These types of options might be available for giving our devices a better performance along with features like long-term use and cost-effectiveness. 

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