• Remote controls
  • Portable devices
  • Toys & drone controllers
  • Security devices
    • Alarms
    • Motion detectors
    • Home control units
    • Smoke detectors
    • Baby monitors
    • Motion-sensitive cameras
    • Audi-sensitive recorders
  • Music players & radios
  • Shavers and personal grooming products
  • Pagers
  • Camera flashes

Our products have been designed to be optimally functional to the end of their life cycles, which are best-in-industry timelines

Simple cool and dry storage is required for Smartcells. Keep them at hand for all your needs as you would normally keep

After the product usage or life cycles completion dispose our products in a safe way as recommended. Don’t dispose along with other waste disposal where other waste is exposed in fire , water or crushed.

For your own safety and the protection of your electronic devices which may be fragile and susceptible, we do not recommend using a combination of old and new Smartcells, or pairing Smartcells with other possibly inferior brands.

The rechargeable Smartcells, yes; normal Smartcells, no. Please use the proprietary Smartcell charger for assured results and longevity.

Certainly. Smartcell has the highest certifications for all its products, and can be utilized in all areas designated safe for normal batteries.

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