How to Buy the Best Batteries: Expert Tips and Advice

How to Buy the Best Batteries: Expert Tips and Advice

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Mar 31,2020

Are you looking for batteries that will last very long? Did you find any aid that can help you choose the best batteries for your gadgets that too in your budget? Do you know which batteries you should buy? Are you sure that you are spending on the right batteries?

Well, being an Indian battery buyer, the most popular names in the battery market include SmartCell, Duracell, Panasonic, Nippo, and Eveready. But did you know which battery brand is the best in the market? While the supermarkets have their own brands, but it is so difficult for a consumer to figure out which one of them is the best for your needs. 

There are so many factors that account in finding the best battery There is capacity, energy, number of recharge cycles, and then how much are you paying for it. 

Why Are Rechargeable Batteries Better Than Alkaline Ones?

When we go out to buy a pack of disposable batteries, we pay a very nominal amount to them. But if you combine all those expenses into a total amount, you really get shocked. That is why it is important that you pick the right batteries that are powerful, last longer, and are competent to serve your energy needs. Plus, then there are extra needs, but that differs from customer to customer. 

Read on to find out how to buy a good pair of AA rechargeable batteries or any other form. We’ll help you make sure that you buy the best batteries for your gadgets that too in your budget. 

How Much Should I Spend On Batteries?

Well, that depends on the type of batteries you buy, the capacity you pick, the recharge cycles you need, and the power you desire. Mostly, we prefer buying a pair of alkaline batteries since those are easily available and doesn’t involve much of brainstorming. However, what we do not realize is that over time, the amount of waste generated by using such batteries is highly threatening for the environment. They cannot be used for any other purpose, are not biodegradable, and end up in landfills. 

That is why most of the people are replacing their alkaline purchases with rechargeable ones. In the case of SmartCell batteries, rechargeable batteries come with the following features. 

AA 2500 mAH 1200
AA 800 mAH 1200
AAA 1000 mAH 1200
AAA 800 mAH 1200

Moreover, the rechargeable batteries from SmartCell offer more power, more rechargeable cycles, and charge less price for the same capacity. In simple words, SmartCell batteries are your best energy companion for all those power-hungry gadgets. These batteries last long, are BIS approved, leak-proof, intensively researched, and offer consistent power for the same. 

Which Batteries Should You Buy: Alkaline Or Lithium?

If you are interested in AA and AAA non-rechargeable batteries, then you will have to choose between two variants, alkaline, and lithium. Although all these batteries can work well in your gadgets, choosing the best one of them depends on what types of devices you choose, how often you’ll use them, and how much you want to spend on the batteries. 

AA or AAA Alkaline Battery

These are the most popular type of disposable batteries. They are cheaper than those lithium batteries. Generally, these batteries don’t last more than six months, but SmartCell offers you a warranty of 2 years on these batteries. 

All in all, these batteries are perfect for your devices and can last long in both high-drain and low-drain devices. These include clocks, smoke alarms, radios, remote controls, game consoles, lighting, children’s toys, etc. 

If you use these batteries in devices that ask for a lot of power, then alkaline batteries will lose their power easily. So, these batteries are a perfect energy solution for your low-drain devices. 

Lithium Batteries 

These batteries don’t really have good customer reception since people prefer using rechargeable solutions instead of lithium ones. Furthermore, they are expensive than alkaline solutions. These are a good choice for all your high-drain devices like digital cameras, remote-controlled gadgets, and torches. 

Also, according to different independent studies, it has been found that alkaline batteries can outlast the lithium ones.

Zinc Carbon Batteries 

These are the cheapest of all the non-rechargeable solutions. They contain less power and have a shorter shelf life as well. A tip for customers, if battery chemistry isn’t stated on the packaging, then it is probably zinc-carbon composition. 

Which are the Best Batteries?

Well, that depends on your needs and the gadget. Each battery comes with its own pros and cons. So, you need to make sure that is assessing your devices before buying a battery. If it is a high-drain device, use a rechargeable battery. If you have medium-drain and low-drain, use an alkaline or zinc-carbon battery. 

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