How to Choose the Right Batteries: A Complete Guide to the Process

How to Choose the Right Batteries: A Complete Guide to the Process

Auth Abhay Pratap Singh | Mar 19,2020

A battery is the original powerhouses of your home.

Packed with characteristics like versatility and reliability, batteries are a must need inclusion to all your smart appliances, be it headlamps, lanterns, GPS devices, cameras, remotes, music players, trimmers, clocks, kids’ toys, etc. A smart battery purchase will give you a balance of long-lasting duration, high performance, fair costs, and low environmental impacts. Furthermore, the right batteries will be leak-proof, BIS approved, and safe to be used in your household appliances. 

Still, the biggest mistake that people commit, is pick up the cheapest and the most convenient batteries from their nearest general store without concern about its performance, and if it is worthy enough of the money spent on its purchase. 

A battery, like the other electrical devices in your home, is a machine. So, you need to treat it with a similar inspection and smart buy attitude as you do with the other electrical appliances in your home. Spend some time to research the best batteries in the market, and then order them, either through online or offline mode. 

But first, you need to know everything about a battery, its types, pros, and cons so that the next time you indulge in a smart buying expedition of the best AAA Alkaline battery, you know what to look for and where to look at. 

Tips for Choosing The Right Batteries 

Well, many companies are selling their version of rechargeable and alkaline batteries, but the best amongst them are SmartCell batteries. 


Because they consistent in their power supply, offer uninterrupted energy to our devices, are intensively researched and developed using cutting edge technology, and are an initiative towards green energy. Other noteworthy characteristics possessed by them include their BIS certification, long-lasting power, and leak-proof nature. 

In case, you still don’t believe us, the following are some tips that will help you in understanding what a smart and reliable battery is all about, and how should you search for one. 

Reflect on Your Requirement and the Size of the Batteries You Need

Sounds simple, right! Well, it is and it’s not at the same time.

Technically, you need batteries for your gadgets and most of them specify the type of battery that needs to be used for its operation and functionality. You can look on the device itself for the type of battery you need, and the size it accepts, or consult an instruction manual as well. But, if you want to know more about the battery sizes, then here is a quick guide. 


So, you might have heard about the battery types like AAA, AA, C, and D but did you know that those letters discuss the different sizes of the battery? Well, the above image shows that the larger the battery, the farther it is in the alphabet table and vice versa.

The same goes for AAA and AA rechargeable batteries and alkaline as well. Most of the devices used in our households employ AA and AAA batteries.

Then comes the coin type of batteries. These types of batteries are called the button cell batteries and they work very differently than the pencil batteries. The coding of these batteries includes two letters and four numbers. The following is the terminology of the coding mentioned on the button cell batteries. 

  1. The first letter indicates the chemical composition
  2. The second letter talks about the shape 
  3. The first two numbers show the diameter
  4. The second two numbers indicate the height of the battery

Do You Need a one-time use or a Rechargeable Battery?

Well, there are two types of pencil batteries, rechargeable, and single-use ones. So, you can choose between buying any type of battery since both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. The single-use batteries can be used only once. Once they ran off their power, you need to throw them and buy a new pair. The pros of using this type of battery include its cheap cost, wide availability, and low discharge rate. The cons include the need of their safe disposal after discharge. 
  2. The rechargeable batteries can be powered again and again. However, some popular brands can only recharge for 500 times, SmartCell batteries can be recharged 1200 times. These batteries come in two different compositions, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion. Since they are a long game, they are charged at a higher cost, can be used many times, and generate less battery waste. 

With the right type of power at your side, you can be sure of your electrical appliances being handled in a quality and energetic manner. 

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