How to Ensure the Longevity And Safety of Your Batteries?

How to Ensure the Longevity And Safety of Your Batteries?

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Apr 21,2020

Batteries are one product that is always a need for every household.

No matter its utility, but you will always find an extra pack of batteries in every home

Well, we humans, don’t like to lose out on power.

We need batteries for a multitude of tasks, be it, for charging your camera, or fueling your energy-hungry gadgets, batteries are a community product.

Since batteries are so important for us, it becomes imperative to discuss the battery-specific recommendations that help in ensuring your safety and extend the life span of your devices as well. Batteries are not just any other product that converts chemical energy into electrical energy, it is the most powerful component in our homes, and possibly, for the future as well. For the sake of keeping your batteries safe and sound while ensuring maximum efficiency, it is really important to understand how they are paving the way for an electrifying future. If we know what to expect from our AAA or AA rechargeable batteries, we can keep them running for an indefinite time, make smarter purchases, and understand which brands are perfect for buying a powerful pack of batteries.

Never Ignore A Battery That Is Swelling

The most pivotal considerations for batteries is observing is they are swelling in the near term. This can happen in just a couple of days, especially in old devices. This is a sign of internal failures in a battery and can put you and your family at an increased risk of fire or injury. Even if your phone is bulging or swelling even minutely, or your laptop or tablet won’t just sit flat, its battery may be swelling. In such a scenario, you need to stop using the product immediately, and contact the manufacturer at the earliest. In case, you are throwing it out, pack it properly in cardboard and stick a label over it stating is it in a hazardous state.

Watch Out For Any Heat

The second most important consideration for any battery, be it a pencil one, laptop or mobile phone one, if you feel that your device is getting heated up to very high temperatures when it is charging, it is a warning sign. This means that you need to stop using the device and raise this issue to the manufacturer. However, whenever charging your phone, laptop or a pair of AAA rechargeable batteries, you must do so in a cold environment, away from the heat. Charging it in high-heat situations can have adverse effects on your device and its batteries. The combination of elevated charge situation and high ambient temperature can increase the risk of heated batteries, leading to fire or the degradation of the battery’s health prematurely. Take special note of any heat given out from the devices.

Be Careful Of The Batteries And Chargers You Buy

Even if you buy a familiar brand’s battery packs and chargers, be extra careful because counterfeiting has become very common, and the process has created an alarming global emergency. Also, try powering your devices with a rechargeable pack like SmartCell batteries. This will increase the lifetime of your batteries and decrease the notorious e-waste generated by the dead and deceased batteries.

While many smartphone manufacturers don’t recommend getting the original batteries replaced by the fake ones, it is done because they are many strong shreds of evidence of how fake replica batteries have a much higher risk of fire than the authentic ones. Although the original batteries might cost more than the fake ones, it ensures the safety and longevity of your devices.

Buying cheaper chargers have been linked with overheating and delivering too much current which can create a risky situation for your batteries. So, original and authentic batteries are one big savior for you and your devices.

Preserve Your Battery Health

If you want to extend the lifespan of your devices like phones, laptops, tablets, and other daily used devices take special care of your batteries. The following points entail some special consideration on how to take care of your batteries.

  • Avoid fast charging practices for your devices and lower the amount of charging current possible. Although the process might take longer to charge your phones and other devices, but opting for charging them using a USB cable through your laptop is really simple and soft on the battery internals.
  • Never charge your phone overnight. Keeping your phone on for charging during night supplies it with more power than it needs, mainly, because we forget to switch it off when fully charged. Also, it’s better to not keep your phone charged at 100% for extended periods. Keep your charging levels between 25% to 92% unless you are traveling. This will keep the battery health in check and not degrade it at all.
  • Many apps offer optimized battery charging options to keep your phone’s battery in check. This has particularly become popular in areas of Asia.

Final Words

A faulty battery is neither good for your device nor you. So, keep a check on your batteries, to ensure their 100% functionality and operation.

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