How to Save Money by Investing in a Rechargeable Cell with Charger?

How to Save Money by Investing in a Rechargeable Cell with Charger?

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Apr 27,2021

AA and AAA-size batteries have become a daily life necessity for individuals depending on completing the daily chores.

Batteries are preferably used in remotes, clocks, trimmers, portable players, cameras to make the product functional with an enhanced level of performance.

Well, if you are continuously depending on batteries to get functional outputs, it may cost you big with non-rechargeable ones, as the power here gets drenched super soon in comparison to another variant of pencil cell batteries.

Today, there are ample options of rechargeable cell with charger available in the market, which further promises to boost battery power delivery and save money efficiently.

In this article, we will highlight several pointers that contribute to letting you prefer investing your money in a pencil cell charger.

Why prefer rechargeable cell with charger over non-rechargeable cell?

AAA rechargeable battery

Batteries come under the variants with rechargeable and non-chargeable features to suit the requirement of the product and the necessity of the individual.

Suppose, you are having a kid at your home, who requires batteries to operate his toys. In that case, you will obviously be required to change batteries quite frequently.

Well, depending on non-rechargeable batteries can get quite expensive, as it is supposed to deliver an estimated power source and that later on fades.

Getting the hands on rechargeable batteries lets you use the same battery multiple times, discarding the need to create purchase again and again over a short notice of time. Hence, if you are a regular user of batteries, rechargeable batteries are more considerable than any other type of battery.

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Benefits of buying pencil cell charger for your batteries

Smartcell battery charger

By now we have known the fact that rechargeable batteries are long-lasting due to their ability to charge the batteries repetitively.

But, buying just the rechargeable batteries for namesake will not work till the time you own your personal charger for recharging the batteries.

Hence, the following are the listed benefits that you should consider, as you will be getting it post the purchase of rechargeable cell with charger-

●     Makes charging/ reusing batteries easy

Chargers are preferably known to ease the efforts made on the device. Similar to the way we charge our mobile phones, the rechargeable cell with a charger can be brought to use. The pencil cell charger lets the user charge the batteries effortlessly and reuse them multiple times discarding unusual haste.

●     Saves repetitive spending on batteries

By having a pencil cell charger of your own, you can save money on redundant buyings on non-rechargeable batteries. Hence, spending money again and again on batteries can be reduced with one time purchase.

●     Prevents the harmful disposal of batteries

It is no hidden fact that AA batteries often leak chemicals, if not disposed of in the correct manner. Hence, by using rechargeable batteries, the need to dispose of the batteries gets eliminated and discards the leakage’s deadly impact on the environment and surroundings.

●     Maximize charging rate at reduced charging time

The rechargeable cell with a charger boosts the charging rate and helps in restoring the performance of the gadget. Having the pencil cell charger at your own place bars the extra time invested on running to stores to buy new non-rechargeable batteries when its power fades. In this particular case, buying a rechargeable pencil cell with a charger is worth a deal to avoid waste of effort and invested time.

Cost Comparison between a rechargeable cell with charger and non-rechargeable cell

By the time we have developed a quite clear understanding of the convenience of having a pencil cell charger with you to save time and effort.

Let’s understand the whole cost-saving and optimal consumption concept in a detailed way.

On an obvious note, rechargeable batteries are going to work for you over the extended time, but initially, it will cost a hefty price.

On average the non-rechargeable batteries will cost you around Rs 90 for a pack of 2 that needs to be changed, suppose after every few months. Hence, it means that you need to spend Rs 540 yearly just on two batteries. If the figure is counted on a scale of 5 years, it costs you around Rs 2700 (when buying 2 batteries).

However, by investing money in the rechargeable cell with charger you can expect to save a lot of money collectively. Brands like Smartcell offer rechargeable batteries in different variants of 800 mah and 2500 mah, which cost Rs 270 and Rs 370 respectively.

In case you are buying a pack of two rechargeable batteries sourcing 2500 mah, it will cost you Rs 370 which discards the need for repetitive buying of batteries upto years.

Buying rechargeable batteries is only convenient in the case only if you are buying a pencil cell charger along with it. The pencil cell charger will cost a price around Rs 450, which means in total you will need to make a payment of Rs 820 on the first go.

Although it might be a possibility that seeing the huge primary cost difference, you will like to go for non-rechargeable ones. But, when you match the price over the difference of five years, the rechargeable cell with the battery will cost Rs 820 only (inclusive price for complete 5 years).

non rechargeable vs rechargeable cell

Hence, it can be clearly understood that if we are planning to save money on longer terms, investing in the rechargeable cell with a charger is efficient to reduce the load on your pocket.

The Bottom Line

By the time, we are well-aware of the fact that batteries play an important part when we are looking to make our lives easy by installing them in our products.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying batteries in near time, investing one amount for a rechargeable cell and pencil cell charger is a pretty deal to start with and save lots of money.

Smartcell offers you affordable deals on battery and pencil cell chargers with long-lasting capacity and extended shelf-life periods. For buying/ knowing more about similar products, visit us on

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