How to the Best Rechargeable Batteries: Things You Need to Look Out For

How to the Best Rechargeable Batteries: Things You Need to Look Out For

Auth Nishant Nath | Mar 24,2020

We all know what disposable batteries are. We have been using them for a very long time now. All you have to do is simply buy a 2 battery pack and use them till the time your torch is running and the clock is ticking. But did you know that these batteries are not easy to dispose and mostly land up in landfills? 

The environment-friendly option for all your energy-hungry devices is using the AA rechargeable battery or the AAA rechargeable battery. Not only this, but they come with more recharge cycles and are fit on your budget too.

Manufacturers like SmartCell batteries offer you affordable and energy convenient rechargeable batteries for your homes. 

Rechargeable Battery

How Much Should I Spend on Rechargeable Batteries?

If you have looked online for rechargeable batteries, you might have noticed that different brands are selling you the different versions of batteries. Now you might notice that they come in different capacities and recharge cycles. This is why all batteries that come in the same capacity are not priced at the same cost. Also, as a smart buyer, you need to consider battery offers before you rush into things. There are different things that you need to consider when buying rechargeable batteries. Characteristics like BIS certification, leak-proof nature, green energy, consistent power, and strong research and development are some aspects that you have to look for, before buying a good rechargeable battery

What Type of Rechargeable Batteries Should I Choose?

The best type of rechargeable batteries that you should choose include nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH). They are better than the lithium ones and have a good value than the alkaline disposable batteries. If you reply to frequent battery power, then the best type of Ni-MH batteries. These batteries are packed with more than 400 hours of power and can be recharged more than 1200 times (according to SmartCell batteries). 

Although there are some Nickel Zinc options available in the market they don’t work well for modern gadgets. 

What Features Should I Look for in a Rechargeable Battery?

The following are some things that you need to look out for in a good rechargeable battery. 

Capacity or mAH:

This is one of the biggest factor differentiating rechargeable batteries of different brands. The capacity of a battery is measured in mAH or milliamp hours. You might have seen the capacity of every battery printed on its pack. The capacity of a battery is the amount of electrical charge stored inside it. The more the charge inside the battery, the more is the electrical current it can deliver to your devices, and the more longer it can power your device. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that all the batteries with the same mAH will last for the same time in your devices. The technique followed in their manufacturing will entail how well the power sustain in your devices. 

The Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries 

These types of batteries come with some charge in them and all you have to do is plug them into your devices. These batteries are highly convenient if you like buying the ones that already have some power in them and you can use them straight away. 

Recharge Cycles:

These are different in different types of batteries. The recharge cycles talk about the number of times you can charge your batteries after they discharge. With SmartCell, you can recharge your batteries up to 1200 times. This means that you can recharge your batteries up to 1200 number of times once they get discharged. 

What are the Best Types of Batteries in the Market?

This question has many answers and not one. The best rechargeable batteries balance how long do you want them to power your devices on a single charge and how well can they cope up with the pressure of being used repeatedly. Also, these need to stand true to the stated capacity and should not leak charge when you are not using them. 

The worst type of batteries power your devices for very less amount of time and you will not be able to sustain the power in them repeatedly. Also, you should not lose their charge if you do not use them for several weeks. This way, you need to make sure that you look for the right factors. 

Final Words

You must do your research before you get into the market for buying a good pair of rechargeable batteries. A smart buyer will assess all the points before making a purchasing decision. 

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