Lithium AA Batteries Vs Alkaline AA Batteries: Which One to Choose for Portable Players?

Lithium AA Batteries Vs Alkaline AA Batteries: Which One to Choose for Portable Players?

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Apr 20,2021

Batteries are one of the most accessible items that are used to support daily household needs. In general, batteries are used to power lamps, watches, remote controls, portable players, etc.

Batteries are ideally supposed to offer longer durability, high-graded performance at a low cost irrespective of any environmental impact.

Hence, in order to support that daily requirement, you need to choose the preferred battery type from the category of best AA batteries. When choosing amidst the batteries, it is essential to look at what exactly is present inside the battery and how it is going to impact the performance of your gadget.

What are AA Batteries?

AA batteries are the type of batteries that are known to deliver high-graded energy and power density to devices like digital cameras, toys, remote control, audio controllers, portable players, etc.

Although the output voltage in rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries AA and AAA are the same with the delivery of 1.2-1.7 Volts, they vary in terms of area of service and its shelf life period.

The AA batteries offer a high working capacity that ranges from 600 mah to 2800 mah, available in both rechargeable and non rechargeable variants.

Smartcell, Duracell, Eveready are a few of the best AA batteries that are successfully gathering recognition among the customers.

Lithium AA Battery Vs Alkaline AA Battery

Depending upon power requirements and cost for batteries, there are various branded AA batteries available in the market.

Lithium and Alkaline batteries are the top choices for users when buying AA batteries for their personal usage.

If you are the one planning to buy high-performance and branded AA batteries of non-rechargeable type to run your product, but still confused between a variant of lithium and alkaline. Hence, you should ponder on the comparison list given below to improve your portable player’s battery life and experience-

●     Battery Leakage

Lithium AA Battery

Lithium batteries are well known for their tough level of performance. Hence, even if in the case lithium AA batteries are needed to get stored, they will survive for a longer duration in comparison to another battery type, causing absolutely no battery leakage issue.

Alkaline AA Battery

Alkaline batteries are highly not recommended to use in your portable players, especially if you are buying them in bulk. There are several known cases reported regarding the leaking from batteries if stored for a longer duration, which further can deteriorate the condition and performance of your products.

●     Power

Lithium AA Battery

The power and capacity of lithium batteries allow running the devices like the portable player for a longer duration without degrading the performance and speed of the product’s operation due to the high application of nominal voltage 3.0 V.

Alkaline AA Battery

The alkaline non-rechargeable batteries AA generally carries low power and capacity to boost the performance for a longer duration. Also, the alkaline batteries require less voltage for the function set-up of value1.5 V.

●     Price

Lithium AA Battery

Lithium batteries are higher in cost as in comparison to any other type of best AA batteries, due to its offered services to boost the experience of a product using the batteries to operate the same.

Alkaline AA Battery

Alkaline batteries are lower in cost when compared to lithium AA batteries. The economical cost of an alkaline battery allows the one to enjoy and have service from the product without compromising much on quality.

●     Shelf life

Lithium AA Battery

Lithium batteries are known to have a better shelf life, approx 10 to 15 years. This allows the customer to buy batteries in bulk quantities and store them for a longer duration of time, eliminating the limitation of leakage and dull power ordeals.

Alkaline AA Battery

Alkaline batteries always have a shorter shelf life period in comparison to lithium ones as of 5-10 years. The shrink shelf life restricts the buyer and customer to do stock purchasing if they are planning to keep it in a closed place for a higher number of years.

●     Operating Environmental Temperature

Lithium AA Battery

Lithium batteries outstand the temperature and any other environmental changes without getting any impact on the performance of the battery and making it one of the best AA batteries. High-performance Lithium AA batteries function really well even in the extreme hot and cold temperature, causing almost zero bearings to battery type.

Alkaline AA Battery

Alkaline batteries have lower capabilities of sustaining the odd environmental impact due to changes in temperature, which make it less feasible to operate as they collapse while performing the required function to operate the devices.

For Lithium and Alkaline Comparative Preview, Refer to the table below.

 Point of Difference Lithium AA Battery Alkaline AA Battery
 Battery Leakage No leakage issue Leaks when stored for the longer period
Power 3.0 Volts 1.5 Volts
Price Higher in cost Lower in cost
Shelf Life 10-15 years 5-10 years
Operating Environmental TemperatureFunctions well with temperature changeCollapse with change in temperature

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to buy a high-performance AA battery soon, Smartcell is a suitable option for the best AA batteries in terms of price and services.

Amidst lithium and alkaline AA batteries, lithium batteries are more preferable in terms of services, if you are not hesitant in investing a bit higher in comparison to other battery types. But if you are looking for a cheaper option with sufficient service from the battery, going with Smartcell’s alkaline AA battery is totally worth it.

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