Rechargeable Batteries: Are they a Reliable Adventure?

Rechargeable Batteries: Are they a Reliable Adventure?

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Feb 23,2021

Rechargeable batteries have been a big buzz in the energy storage industry. 

They’re everywhere, from your camera to your remotes. 

As technology innovates., reliable and sturdy rechargeable cells will come into the picture due to the several disposable batteries cons. Manufacturers continue towards improving the power-retaining capacity of the batteries and launch affordable and environment-friendly variants. 

In terms of product adoption, consumers employing batteries in either one or its other form of trust battery solutions due to their long-term cost-effectiveness. On the contrary, several others still vouch for disposable solutions due to easy availability and affordable initial purchase. 

Even so, the rechargeable batteries statistics predict the market to reach 8 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 9.7%. With growing environmental safety concerns, rechargeable cells achieve unprecedented penetration in the market, making it a futuristic technology. 

Why are rechargeable batteries considered to be a future necessity?

Energy storage has become crucial for the successful transition into renewable technology. Yet, rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion solutions have their limitations. The demand for rechargeable cells has increased exponentially, but the production has not kept its pace. Extracting the elements that go into their production is difficult and costly to mine. Also, it is an energy-intensive and life-threatening process, causing a significant impact on the environment significantly. 

Modern battery technology aims to incorporate mild elements into energy storage solutions to make them recyclable and kind for the environment. Other than that, there is ongoing research to better lithium-ion batteries owing to their usage diversity. 

From medical equipment to luxury yachts and electric-powered cars, rechargeable batteries find employment everywhere. Moreover, with the depleting fossil fuel reservoirs, they’re considered as top candidates for on-road vehicles. 

That said, these batteries keep both the essentials and comforts of modern life running with reliability, flexibility, and safety.

The top uses of Rechargeable Batteries 

Now that you’re aware of the inevitable inclusion of rechargeable batteries shortly, let’s focus on their top uses.

Emergency Power Backup or UPS:

Having a lithium-ion rechargeable cell as an emergency backup or UPS protects you from any uncertain power loss or instability. Such a battery is different than a generator or other emergency power backup in terms of instant power output or safety shutdown. Emergency power backup systems are critical for technologies like computers, communication technology, and medical devices. 

Dependable electric vehicle power:

They provide reliable, stable, and long-lasting power, a one-of-a-kind solution to the depleting fossil fuel reserves and the increasing reliance on electrically-powered vehicles. Rechargeable batteries provide power for long journeys, losing only minimal charge in the process. More so, the modern rechargeable cells are lightweight, flexible, and dependable power. 

Such batteries will power RV, electric vehicles, and small EV cars equally. Their increased efficiency and reduced size are two reasons why car manufacturers find the prospect intriguing enough. Unlike their counterpart: lead-acid batteries, they safe and delicate in the environment. 

Lightweight equipment for marine performance:

Rechargeable batteries serve the marine industry as well. These batteries let you focus on having fun in the water without worrying about marine motors and refueling them. Several boat manufacturers upgrade their marine parts with rechargeable solutions offering reliable motor power.

Whether you need to charge for a small trolling motor or a yacht, such batteries extend capable and dependable. 

Solar Power Storage:

These batteries are the best match for solar panels due to their fast charging and discharging rates. Such a solution produces low resistance charging, making them a preferable candidate for such power needs. More so, these batteries charge quickly, elevating the solar power storage post the morning hours of bright sunlight. 

As alarm systems in a remote location:

A well-known application., rechargeable cells are ideal for remote monitoring systems due to their long shelf-life. Besides, they do not lose power via self-discharge during system inactivity scenarios. As per reports, such batteries have a self-discharge rate lower than lead-acid batteries, making them ideal for the situation that does not demand continuous usage. 

Therefore, they are perfect energy solutions for alarm and surveillance systems.

Mobility equipment:

Modern technology has made mobility easy for people, even with mobility issues. From electric wheelchairs to star lifts., several people rely on contemporary technology to live an independent and comfortable life. Lightweight rechargeable batteries are ideal for mobility solutions. Moreover, since such equipment is customizable and offers a longer life span, fast charging, a low self-discharge rate, and an extended run time in the future. 

 Portability removes downtime chances:

Rechargeable cells are known to power our phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and other gadgets. Their lightweight nature and small size make them better than lead-acid batteries. They also live up to severe temperature conditions and rapid movements. And the best part, they deliver the same power at all hours. 

Even when you need to recharge, these batteries do it much faster than their counterparts. With these batteries, you have the option to transition from short-lived power to long-lasting and efficient power packs. 


All in all, rechargeable cells are economical and durable even under strenuous conditions. Pick a pack of a rechargeable battery as your safe and flexible battery partner. 

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