Rechargeable Battery Charger- A complete guide for effective purchase

Rechargeable Battery Charger- A complete guide for effective purchase

Auth Sakshi Chaudhary | Jun 24,2021

Are you looking to buy a new charger for your batteries? Whether you are buying a charger for the first time or just want to replace your old one with a rechargeable battery charger, it’s always better to know which extra features are worth spending.

A charger full of features might be expensive as it covers all the possibilities. But if you’re planning to pay more for those extra features, it’s better to know whether they will be beneficial for you or not. Below we have tried to explain crucial points that one should consider before buying a rechargeable battery charger – a complete guide. Let us have a look at what you’ll learn in this post!

Checklist at Glance!

  • Which features of the battery charger are useful?
  • Which charger is worth buying? 
  • How to get the best from your charger?
  • Where to get the best price? 

So, let’s get started!

Which Battery Charger Features Are Useful? 

When buying an AA battery charger or any other rechargeable battery charger, ask yourself a few questions and go ahead with the purchase only when you are satisfied with the answers.    

#Question1- How many batteries do I need to charge at once?  

All battery chargers available in the market these days can charge a minimum of two batteries and a maximum of eight batteries simultaneously. So, it depends on your requirements which charger you want to choose. However, if you’re likely willing to charge a single battery, check the specification to ensure whether it can or not. 

#Question2 – What battery sizes do I want to charge?  

Most AA battery chargers are compatible with AAA batteries. But when charging other specific types of batteries such as 9V batteries, C or D-size batteries, these charges are not compatible with them. So, check carefully whether your selected model suits your battery sizes or not. 

The above-listed questions are the important ones that everyone should consider before buying any charger and the rest of the features such as charge indicators or charging speed are additional. Do you want to know investing in these features is beneficial or not? If yes, then check out the Which Survey to know which of these features are worth investing in when buying a new charger. 

Charge Indicator –Only 60% of the battery charge owner found it helpful

Some chargers come with LED indicators to inform users about the battery charging status. While the most advanced ones offer digital displays to indicate how much battery is charged, the time it will need to be fully charged so that users will get an idea of when to remove the charger to avoid overcharging. Although it’s an important feature still, only 60% of the battery charger owners found it helpful.  

Charging Speed- Only 23% of users found this important 

It’s the speed that charger manufacturers claim about their charger. It’s important to only 23% of users. It because low-capacity batteries will take less time to charge than high-capacity batteries. It’s not a feature that is worthy of spending money.      

Every user has a different opinion about the features. Therefore, it depends on your needs to decide which charger is best for you, and how you plan to charge your batteries. Do you want to charge them in advance? Or will you choose to charge batteries when they are completely down? It’s your choice. But for a good purchase, make sure whether your selected charger can charge other brand batteries or not, which leads to the next question.  

Does your charger charge batteries of other brands?

Most battery charger manufacturers often recommend customers charge their batteries with chargers of their respective brands for long-lasting batteries. Does that mean their batteries won’t get charged with another brand charger? It’s not like that at all. Most manufacturers use these tactics mainly because they don’t want to lose their customers. We are not sure about other brands, but it’s not the case with the Smartcell charger. 

Smartcell Rechargeable battery charger

Smartcell Ni-MH rechargeable battery charger can easily charge all types of Ni-MH batteries, including AA and AAA batteries, and can also be used for batteries from other brands. With such reliable benefits, it’s the gadget worth investing your money in. Now that you know almost everything about buying a charger, the next thing to know is how to get the best from your charger.  

How to Get the Best from your Battery Charger?  

Pro Tip: Never charge batteries of varied capacity or chemistry together. 

Most users are not aware that they can damage their batteries if they are charging batteries of different capacities together. If you are also not aware of this, let us give you an example for more clarity.  

Charging different size (mAH) batteries may risk overcharging smaller cells and undercharging the larger ones. This way of charging the batteries can damage them when used repeatedly. The same goes with batteries of different capacities. So, avoid charging NiMH and NiCad batteries together either. Now it’s time to discuss another crucial thing, i.e., cost. 

Where to get the best price? 

No doubt, chargers from top brands are expensive, and if they are brought together with rechargeable batteries, they even cost more. So to purchase these products on your budgetary terms, either shop online from a dedicated battery-selling website such as Amazon or Flipkart or try buying directly from the manufacturers. They usually sell in mass and also offer discounts on several occasions. 

Wrapping Up!

We hope that up till now you have decided what kind of charger you want. So if you’re looking for a charger that fits with AA, AAA, or 9V batteries, the Smartcell Ni-mH rechargeable battery charger is worth paying for. So are you ready to make this purchase? If yes, then make sure you have also added the best rechargeable batteries in your checkout list to put in the charger. To discover more on which rechargeable battery charges fast and won’t discharge while not in use, please feel free to explore Smartcell products for optimum results. 

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