Rechargeable Battery Charger

Rechargeable Battery Charger

Stay Energized with Smartcell’s Rechargeable Batteries with Charger

One of the leading names in the realm of rechargeable technology, Smartcell brings to you a high-performance rechargeable battery charger for AAA and AA rechargeable batteries. So, you can charge your gadgets on the go, never missing out on anything important that happens in your life. Our pencil cell charger comes with a total of 5 slots in which you can charge your AAA, AA R22 Size NiMH rechargeable batteries. It supports a wide range of input voltage-between 185 and 290 V AC. Its output can support a capacity range of 100mAH to 3000mAH.

Packed with BIS-approved safety features, our product offers the power you need to thrive in this digital age, minus the worry that may come with it. The charger also comes with a one-year guarantee, so you can rely on its long-lasting power every time. So, what are you waiting for?

Embark on a high-octane journey with all the power and performance you could have asked for.

Savour the Smartcell Charger Advantage with a Range of Attractive Features:

Five Slots

Smartcell battery charger comes with a total of 5 slots that you can use to charge your AA rechargeable batteries and AAA rechargeable batteries.

Wide Cell Capacity

Our rechargeable battery charger supports a wide range of cell capacities-from 100mAH to 3000mAH.


Our high-performance AAA, AA battery charger has passed the rigorous safety standards mentioned in IS 13252: 2010. It has also been certified and licensed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

In-built Power Plug

The NiMH battery charger carries a built-in power plug designed in accordance with the Indian requirements of IS 1293: 2005. This means it is a perfect fit for Indian sockets. Plus, Class II double insulation allows for additional safety.

One-year Warranty

All our rechargeable batteries with charger carry a warranty of one year, so you can count on Smartcell’s long-lasting power every single day.

Overcharge Protection

After the batteries have been completely charged, the charger shuts off automatically, thereby preventing overheating and the consequent damage.

Research and Development

The product of a decade-long research and development, our NiMH chargers have been engineered using revolutionary technology.

Rechargeable Battery Charger FAQs

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