Rechargeable battery chargers: Everything you need to know

Rechargeable battery chargers: Everything you need to know

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Jul 24,2020

Are you looking for a new battery charger? 

No matter if you’re buying a battery charger for the first time or replacing an old one, it is important that you know what features are worth spending your bucks. A battery charger comprises of features like a charge indicator, super-fast charging, or multiple batteries support. These are just some of the characteristics that a good battery charger possesses. 

A lot about the charger depends on the battery. Smartcell’s AA and AAA batteries can last more than a day on a single recharge and are leakage proof. 

The different types of battery chargers 

There are different types of battery chargers in the market. These include:

Smart Charger 

Also known as the delta-V chargers, smart chargers monitor the voltage levels in each battery and stop charging when they are fully recharged. They switch to a low trickle-charging setting when about to be completely recharged. Smart battery chargers acquire a predominantly strong user base, and, therefore, are the best choice to keep rechargeable batteries in good shape. They prevent any sort of overcharging, a fact that significantly decreases the battery lifetime. 

The trickle chargers 

These devices push a low trickle charge through the batteries for an extended period of time. Some of these chargers also include timers, so that they turn off automatically after a predefined time duration. It prevents both the instances, overcharging or undercharging. The time required for a battery to be completely charged depends on various factors like the battery’s capacity, chemistry, and its age.

These chargers are useful for high self-discharge batteries. Since these batteries lac sealing technology that prevents any charge from flowing when not in use. The trickle charge, ideally, is equal to the charge that the battery leaks on its own. You have to keep the batteries topped up for the time when you want to use them. However, if you constantly charge them, even when they lose very little of charge, it can result in overcharging.

Other chargers

If a battery isn’t labeled as smart or trickle, then it is likely to be a basic charger that pumps a constant electrical current through the batteries until you unplug them. So, it can be hard to tell whether the batteries are fully charged or partially charged. In some scenarios, the charger won’t stop charging the batteries even when they are completely charged. It increases the risk of overcharging, resulting in long-term damage to your batteries, hence, decreasing their lifespan. In case the batteries are partially charged, they will lose power faster than expected.

The different battery charging speeds

When looking for the best battery charger, you need to consider its charging speed. How do you plan to charge your batteries, and how much are you willing to spend? Are you looking for batteries with good turnaround time, or just normal charging speed would do? 

Many manufacturers claim that their battery chargers can charge in just 15 minutes or so. The battery charger speed depends on the manufacturer. Understand this, the slowest chargers are often cheaper and need to be left overnight.

The super-fast chargers

Battery technology evolves constantly, and many smart battery chargers take advantage of it. Several battery makers claim to charge batteries in under an hour. The fastest models can charge in 15 minutes or so, which is convenient since you don’t have to spare a lot of time for the battery charging process. Higher-capacity batteries take longer time duration to charge than lower capacity ones and vice versa.

Slower chargers 

These are the normal battery charger that takes more than one hour to charge depending on the capacity of your rechargeable batteries. Higher-capacity batteries take longer time duration than lower capacity ones and vice versa. The time required to charge these batteries depend on their construct and the brand name as well.

The different battery charger features 

The following are some considerations you need to think about when choosing a battery charger. 

  • How many batteries are you going to charge at once? The battery charger will have to accommodate all these batteries at the same time. 
  • What battery sizes do you want to charge? Most of the battery chargers are compatible with AAA and AA batteries. So, if you want to charge C and D batteries, you will need chargers that can accommodate them. 
  • Do you want to charge your batteries when you’re in the car? For that, you will need a USB adaptor that can fit power supplies as well. 

Wrapping it Up

Consider the construction of the battery charger before you purchase it. Products like Smartcell charger is the best device to pair your batteries. These batteries are constructed using the latest battery technology and top-quality raw materials. They are highly compatible with all top brands’ rechargeable batteries, including Smartcell’s AA and AAA batteries.

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