High Density Core Revolutionary Technology Inside

Batteries are packed with High density Core Technology which enables high performance , high quality , more life cycles product.

These high density core batteries can be useful for low drain to high drain applications.

Responsible Battery Use, Care And Disposal

After the product usage or life cycles completion dispose our products in a safe way as recommended.

Don't dispose along with other waste disposal where other waste is exposed in fire , water or crushed.

Engineered to Work Longer Battery

We engineered the batteries for extended longer use and more cycles upto 1200 times.

Longer Batteries for Longer life !!

Energy Density Combining capacity with shape

High density cores are packed in compact way to make portable for to use in portable applications.

Every you carries a smart cell products means you are carrying a compact high power source along with you!!.

Internal Discharge Rate Deep discharge

Batteries are low LSD in nature which don't allows high deep discharge which effects the life and performance of the battery.

Coming up !! with Advanced Li+ Battery

With expertise in battery , we are coming up with Li+ Battery products which power LV and HV drives which includes Electric Vehicles , Energy Storage Systems , UPS , etc..