The Cost-Effectiveness of Rechargeable Batteries and There Worth in the Market

The Cost-Effectiveness of Rechargeable Batteries and There Worth in the Market

Auth Anushka Agarwal | May 05,2020

Much like all the other people in today’s modern world, we take batteries for granted. We know we wouldn’t sustain even for an hour without batteries, but yet we don’t take proper care of our batteries. Batteries are an essential part of our lives, be it for cell phones, work on your laptop, drive your car, use a flashlight, or take pictures with your camera, they are present in everything that matters to us. Even modern medical devices, earring aids, smoke alarms, wireless electronics, and dozens of other devices wouldn’t work if a novel invention like that of a battery never occurred. Therefore, when looking for the best AAA or AA batteries, you need to decide between single-use or rechargeable batteries.

Most people think that rechargeable batteries are not that good investment for the long-term, however, the reality is completely opposite. Purchasing rechargeable batteries and charger will save you a lot of money when compared with buying regular batteries.

The following are some factors that state when should you switch to AA or AAA rechargeable batteries and for which devices.

When is Buying Rechargeable Batteries, a Complete Waste of Money

There is no doubt that using rechargeable batteries can reduce the amount of waste generated and is very good for the environment as well. However, if your primary concern is to save money, you don’t have to switch every device’s battery with a rechargeable one. Batteries are used to power many low current devices as well. This includes wall clocks, smoke detectors, radios, thermostats, emergency flashlights, and even the wireless keyboard and mouse. These devices use power at a low level that it will take years for them to drain out their power and that you receive a payback on your purchase.

For example, if you want batteries for a wireless mouse. It doesn’t take more than 50 bucks of a pair of rechargeable batteries. So, investing as much as for rechargeable batteries doesn’t seem like the smart thing to do over here.

When Should You Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Their many instances when using rechargeable batteries seem like the ideal thing to do. This is when you purchase batteries for high-drain devices, wherein, the power lasts less than 30 to 60 days. These devices are good choices for rechargeable batteries and it will be better if you seal your deal with these forms of batteries. Using these batteries will let to minus the ability to recharge required for the device and saves you a lot of money, in the long run.

Examples of such high-power drain devices include remotes, clocks, cameras, kids’ toys, electronic gadgets, gaming controllers, trimmers, etc.

The Different Type Of Rechargeable Batteries Available In The Market

When you’ve made your mind of buying the best AAA or AA rechargeable batteries, the next thing is to figure out which one do you need to buy. There are four different types of rechargeable batteries available in the market.

NiMH Rechargeable Batteries are more environment-friendly than the NiCad ones and they are free from any type of toxic heavy metals as well. Technically speaking, NiMH is the best all-around choice for rechargeable battery applications. When buying these types of batteries, you must buy the corresponding chargers of the same brand as well.

NiCad rechargeable batteries are being phased out from selling, mainly, because of the safer alternative in the form of NiMH available. They are low in performance and also cause a lot of inconveniences when compared to the NiMH variants. Furthermore, NiCad consists of heavy metals that are highly toxic and require special disposal methods as well.

Rechargeable alkaline batteries have some added advantages over the NiMH ones. They are low in cost and do not require any special recycling procedures. Their performance and long-term usage are not better than NiMH ones. Moreover, rechargeable alkaline solutions require a special charger that has to bring along with the batteries and not from any local store. These batteries need to be properly charged as well.

Lithium-ion batteries come forth with excellent performance and do not leak any charge even when they are unused for extended periods. The biggest drawbacks these batteries suffer is their price. They are the most expensive than the other types of batteries and they also require a special charger for battery power. These batteries are mostly used for high-drain devices like laptop computers, digital cameras, cellphones, or other high-drain devices. They are also being tested for electric vehicles and the much needed electrical automation.

Wrapping it up

When you are ready to switch over to rechargeable batteries, the following tips will help in making the most of it.

  1. Invest in a good charger that can charge these batteries
  2. Remove these batteries from the charger once they have finished charging
  3. Keep up a few regular batteries spare with in case your rechargeable batteries run out of their juice
  4. Recycle these batteries and label them correctly when disposing

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