The Gaining Popularity of Ni-MH Batteries

The Gaining Popularity of Ni-MH Batteries

Auth Swapnil Shukla | Feb 27,2020

Ni-MH (Nickel-metal-hydride) batteries are somewhat similar to nickel-cadmium batteries, the only differential point is that in the place of cadmium, hydrogen is used as an active element in Ni-MH batteries. But this single point of difference makes Ni-MH batteries more environment-friendly as well as human-friendly too. This is because Cadmium is a highly toxic heavy metal and has very detrimental effects on the environment. Although there is a myth that Ni-MH batteries do not perform as well as NiCd batteries. But with Smartcell Ni-MH batteries, there is nothing to worry about. 

The hydrogen gas is used as a negative electrode. The electrodes are made up of a metal hydride usually alloys of Lanthanum and rare earth metals that are known to be a solid source of reduced hydrogen that can be further oxidized to form protons. Due to this recharging power of Ni-MH batteries has been improved. Ni-MH AA batteries can be easily recharged 1000 times in overnight in a slow charging mode. The self-discharge rate of Ni-MH batteries is about 1% per day so when you will use them where low energy consumption is needed or in standby devices then they last up till 90 days before being recharged again. 

Smartcell Charger

SmartCell has introduced 1000Mah and 800mah rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for medium-scale usage. Also, we have rechargeable 2500mah Ni-MH batteries for higher-scale applications. Our batteries come with the best in the market battery chargers. Also, we have this unique battery calculator. This user-friendly calculator helps you to identify how our product can be effectively used in the end. You just have to enter the cell capacity, load, cell voltage, usage time and cycles and then the results will be displayed. According to the results you can easily categorize to use which Smartcell where. 

The battery chargers are as important as the battery itself. Hence, we advise you to use the Smartcell charger only with our batteries. The Ni-MH cell charger makes the Ni-MH batteries working as good as a new one after a few hours of charging only. The Smartcell batteries claim to last 5 times longer than other batteries and will probably save you hundreds of money so it is good for the environment as well. But the battery performance can be optimized in the way you are going to use them and also that you are charging them on time. 

So next time when you are going to buy a Ni-MH battery do go through all the specifications as your appliance deserves the battery for longer life and optimum performance.

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