The Top 5 Factors to Consider when Buying Batteries

The Top 5 Factors to Consider when Buying Batteries

Auth Anushka Agarwal | Jun 01,2020

Batteries have become an essential domestic product. Most of the items in your house run because of a battery, be it, clocks, remotes, kid’s toys, or any other electrical unit. As more and more systems powered by batteries are increasing, these sophisticated electrical devices are becoming a really important concern.

The future is powered by batteries. Electric vehicles, for example, are the top contenders for battery usage. Several models are being tested to construct an efficient and customer-friendly automobile fleet. There is no denying that batteries will make a very important consideration in the coming years. There will be a surge in their demand and people will look forward to all variants of it. Currently, there are different types of batteries used for solving different applications. There are alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries.

Alkaline batteries can be only used once, after which, they are rendered useless.

Rechargeable batteries can be used several times. They come with a charger that reverses the reaction inside the cells. As for brands like Smartcell batteries they can be recharged 1200 times. They are expensive than alkaline batteries.

Lead-acid batteries suffer from several disadvantages and, therefore, have to be replaced by worthier options like lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are one of the best inventions in battery technology. The batteries in your laptop and mobile phones are lithium-ion batteries. The power and efficiency of these batteries hold a promising aspect for the future.

However, when you are choosing the right battery, you need to think of all the factors that govern the buying process. A smart buyer is someone who researches all the possibilities before indulging in one. Smartcell offers the most affordable battery solutions. They are known for their powerful, high rechargeable cycles and low price when compared to the competitors.

The following are the top five factors you should consider when buying batteries.

Energy Density: The term, energy density, is determined by comparing the potential energy available to the overall weight of the system. This means that if your battery application has high energy density, then it will have high potential energy as well. This is for a low amount of weight and vice versa. Conversely, low energy density means that your battery will be very heavy and will provide less power.

Power density: Also defined as current power availability, it defines the sustenance of current in a device. When a device has high power density, it means that it can sustain high current and draw power for a larger period of time (more than a few milliseconds).

Durability: Several other physical factors can affect the performance of your battery. Since the battery is just like any other machine can suffer from such external factors. Different battery chemistries are more susceptible than others. These factors include impact, temperature, humidity, vibrations, magnetic fields, etc.

Lifetime: A battery’s lifetime is defined by its chemistry. If it is an alkaline one, then it won’t last more than 6-9 months. That is when they are not used for high power devices. The rechargeable ones can survive for a longer duration, maybe years.

Other than that, there are two factors that define a battery’s lifetime: charge life and total life. Charge life is the amount of time that potential energy will stay in the battery without any leakage issues. Total life defines the number of charge cycles of the battery that are supported.

Battery memory: Batteries can be trained to hold less power than the available charge. Suppose, you’re using a nickel-metal hydride battery from a full charge down to 40% of its full charge repeatedly. This will eventually decrease the capacity of your battery to hold more than a 60% charge. So, let your battery discharge before you plug it into the power socket. This maintains its charge capacity.

Wrapping it Up

One certain thing is, batteries will be a powerful element in the coming decades. So, it’s better to read all the available information about them before you buy any. As for batteries required for domestic uses, it is better to buy AA or AAA rechargeable ones instead of the alkaline batteries.

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