AA Battery Charger- Ultimate Guide to Buy The Best Charger

AA Battery Charger- Ultimate Guide to Buy The Best Charger

Auth Sakshi Chaudhary | Oct 01,2021

A charger acts as an energy booster for battery-operated devices. Whether you are buying a new charger or replacing the old one, refer to the AA battery charger guide for best buy.

The modern-age AA batteries are more efficient and reliable compared to previous times. If you use AA batteries, you need an AA battery charger to keep them powered. A charger that can handle multiple batteries at the same time qualifies for the best buy titles. Price and charging speed also plays a crucial role while selecting a battery charger for your needs. A charger acts as an energy booster for batteries. Thus, one needs to consider a few factors to get the right one.

You might spend much time looking for a fresh pair of AA batteries every time your toddler needs new toys. If this happens to you, consider buying rechargeable batteries. The branded AA batteries last for long hours with a single charge. Also, they don’t lose power when not in use. Investing in a good rechargeable charger increases the life cycle of the battery in use.

Buying a charger is a one-time investment. It is a cost-effective solution with big savings. A smart choice can save you money as well as time. This article discusses the need, features and tips to buy the best AA battery charger. Let’s delve into details.

AA Battery Charger- Why Do You Need One?

If you feel tired of charging your batteries, consider having a charger for AA batteries. A high-quality smart charger increases the battery’s life cycle. It charges batteries at a faster rate. In this way, you’ll always have a fully charged pair on hand.

A charger offers many features such as fast charging, indicators, and the ability to charge different batteries. Buying such chargers is an expensive deal as it covers all the possibilities. If you are paying for extra features, it is better to know whether they are helpful to you or not.

There are different types of chargers available in the market. Smart charger, trickle, and rechargeable battery chargers are the popular ones. Each charger serves a different purpose; for example, a smart charger monitors the voltage levels and stops charging as soon as the battery is full. In trickle type chargers, they push small fractions of charge to the batteries. It prevents batteries from overcharging and undercharging.

One should look for a charger that serves the purpose according to their needs. The next section covers some time tips to help you with the best buy. Let’s have a look at them!

Tips to Consider Before Buying AA Battery Chargers

Should I buy a smart charger or trickle? Which AA battery charger is best? Do I need a charger with an indicator? Do you think about such questions before buying? If so, read the tips below to buy the best charger for your AA rechargeable batteries.

Charging Indicator

As the name suggests, a charge indicator indicates the charging state of the battery. The charging state of each battery displays on an LCD panel on many of the top-grade chargers. It helps users to know when they can use their batteries.
A survey indicates that 60% of users look for a charger with a battery indicator. It depends on person-to-person; thus, buy your charger accordingly.

Safety Features

It is crucial to consider while selecting a rechargeable battery charger. Branded chargers offer automatic charging cut-off features. It stops delivering electricity to the batteries once charged. Besides device safety, it also ensures that batteries are not overcharging. The safety features also cover short circuit protection.
Make sure to buy a charger from a licensed brand that follows BIS approved standards. It ensures the safety of your device and batteries as well.


Are you using an outdated charger with several battery slots? Then, you are likely to know the guidelines. If batteries aren’t put into their matching pairs, they will not charge. It’s the basic rule. Most chargers will only charge a specific battery type. Suppose you have two AA rechargeable batteries – 800mAH and 2500mAH. Some chargers will only charge 800mAh batteries. Does it mean you need to buy another charger to charge your 2500mAh AA battery?
Not always. Some brands like Smartcell offer chargers that are compatible AA batteries of different chemistries. You can also charge your AAA batteries with the same charger. One must buy a charger compatible with many batteries.

Output Power

It is a critical component that has a significant impact on the battery charger. For batteries to charge quickly, look for output power that the charger can provide. As per the Which Survey, the charging speed matters to 23% of the users. Most users are not aware of the fact that high capacity batteries take more time to charge. Still, most users won’t consider output power rating while buying.

Output power rating and charging speed are directly proportional to each other. It’s an important parameter to check. We recommend checking the output power rating.

Which is the Best Charger for AA Batteries?

We hope that now you are aware of the charger types and tips. Let’s come to the question, which is the best charger for AA batteries? There are several options available. You must pick the best of all. This product will be with you for years and will impact the performance of your gadget. It guarantees you get an extended life service that is worth every penny spent.

Here arises the question, which battery charger should you invest in?

Well, the Smartcell NiMH AA/AAA/R22 9V Rechargeable Battery Charger is easy to use. Also, it is competent to charge more than one battery. Once one battery charges fully, the charger turns the power to the other slot. It allows fast charging on the other battery. It results in a fully charged battery in a short amount of time. Although not all products offer genuine “smart charging,”. The Smartcell charger does stop charging when the batteries are full.

The charger allows batteries to recharge with many usages. For an optimal charge, use a charger that fits the chemistry and voltage of the battery. You can charge your batteries at room temperature to get the best results.

The Ni-mH Cell Charger is one of the best chargers available. For users, it is a reliable, cost-effective charger with zero extra sophisticated functions. It also works well for AA, AAA, 9V. It is no wonder that all types of batteries can charge using one charger.

Features of Smartcell AA Battery Charger

● The charger has five slots that allow you to charge AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.
● The charger’s built-in power plug fulfills the Indian standards of IS 1293: 2005.
● It supports a wide operating voltage range of 185-290V AC.
● It has a capacity range of 100 to 3000mAH.
● High-safety Class II double insulation for extra safety.
● The charger testing performs as per Indian requirements IS 13252: 2010.

You can charge all your NiMH batteries with Smartcell’s rechargeable battery charger. When recharging, you can connect many batteries in a “series” or “parallel” configuration. It has five slots which means you charge 5 batteries at any given moment.


The days of using expensive rechargeable batteries are long gone. The technology has advanced in recent years and reduced the charger prices. If you’re looking for an ideal charger for AA batteries, make sure you get superb quality in your hands. Buy Smartcell’s AA battery charger with the features discussed above. Rest assured, you will never disappoint with your purchase!

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