Useful Tips to Help You Buy the Right Type of Batteries

Useful Tips to Help You Buy the Right Type of Batteries

Auth Nishant Nath | Mar 27,2020

Batteries, your remote control needs them, your flashlights need them, wall clocks, and even smoke alarms. It won’t be wrong to mention that batteries are one of the most important energy inclusions in your home. All batteries do is supply your devices will the right type of energy and all your gadgets can enjoy running on indefinite power. Well, there are some smart devices that can run of such batteries for a good amount of time to such an extent that you don’t even have to swap them anymore.

You might have heard of different battery manufacturers saying so many things about the capacity and power but not all of them perform in a way they promise to. This list includes even the well-known battery brands.

This guide will help you to find the best AA rechargeable batteries such that they can work best for your needs.

Different Batteries by Their Type

There are two things that matter the most when talking about AA batteries. These are the prices and the performance. The most common type of batteries is the disposable ones. They are purchased a lot and are the most common ones for your household items like the calculators, portable clocks, garage door openers, even for your wireless mouse.

For the lithium batteries, they can store the power for 10 to 15 years. These batteries are much more expensive since they store power for a large amount of time. Furthermore, because of lithium’s higher grade of stability, they discharge the stored power in them slowly and they can used in device that demand a high power drain as well. This means that all those devices that require a lot of power should use lithium batteries since then they would discharge slowly and your device can run on the same battery for a longer duration. These batteries can be used for a longer duration as compared to alkaline ones.

In case of alkaline batteries, they can store charges for five to ten years. However, they are the most commonly used batteries, they contain power that can easily get lost up and therefore for devices that require a high-power drain, these batteries are not good for them. These are good to save some bucks for you and in many instances, they are perfect for low drain devices like the toys, travel clocks, or even a remote control.

Be A Smart Buyer and Stay Safe

There are many things that you have to consider when looking for batteries for all types of devices in your home. These battery tips will help you to extend the lifetime of your pencil energy powerhouses and make sure that you stay safe. Also, it is very important that you dispose of the batteries, once they are dead in the right way so that there are no environmental hazards pertaining to this issue.

The following tips are great for people who buy batteries frequently.

  • These batteries must always be stored in a cool and dry place. In no condition should they be exposed to sunlight or in a humidity prone area.
  • Every time you put in new batteries, you should clean their contact surfaces and the battery compartments of the device with a rough cloth or clean pencil eraser.
  • If you are going somewhere for a few days or months, it is better to remove the batteries from the device. You can always re-insert when you are back.
  • For all those devices that need more than one battery, it is always better to use batteries of the same type, brand and age so that there is no technical glitch or leaking nature.
  • In case your battery is leaking and its fluid makes some contact with your skin or they get into your eye, then you need to rinse it well with a lot of cold water and seek medical help or aid.
  • It is very important that you dispose the used batteries and keep them out of the reach of children. Also, you need to study the information about throwing out recycled batteries in the right manner.
  • It is not safe to carry or store batteries along with the metal objects like the change-filled pocket. This can result in some form of short circuit. It is better to keep the spare batteries in a small zip lock bag.
  • In case your battery feels hot or it changes its shape or color, or you feel some form of odd smell coming out of it, or it feels abnormal, it is better that you do not store them and discard them without any usage.

Final Words

These tips will help you to take charge of the batteries you buy next.

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