Why is the World Interested in Energy Storage?

Why is the World Interested in Energy Storage?

Auth Anushka Agarwal | May 12,2020

For the last couple of years, there has been an utter interest in the field of energy storage. Many companies bidding their solutions to make the depletion of the resources a light concern for the world. Since the demand for an efficient flow of power has peaked, utility operators have to attempt a steady supply and demand consistency.

How has the Energy Demand Changed in Recent Years?

Since the erection of the first electrical power plant in the 19th century, the need for electricity to keep the industries and residencies up and running has been on a surge. You flip open a switch and there is light. However, this process is not as easy as it looks. For electricity to flow through the light bulb, there is a vast distribution of transmission and distribution network of copper wires required. These wires connect the bulb to a generator, situated about 100-1000 miles away from you. When you turn the bulb’s switch on, it creates an additional strain on the generator which then delivers you with the electricity.

The utility grids or the electrical towers do not store energy. They require fossil fuels to adjust to increased or decreased demand. Since these power plants burn up fossil fuels to generate energy, they contribute to pollution, global warming, and climate change scenarios.

We are looking for Greener Sources of Energy

However, our energy consumption has shifted to less polluting forms of energy. Although there have been many other raw materials used for energy production like coal, carbon capture, nuclear energy, and natural gas, all of them have lost their designation as a worthy energy generation solution. Currently, sun, wind, and water are being used for energy production in a great number of areas. Sun and wind are being used for energy generation in the US, and hydroelectric power plants are solving the energy needs in India. However, all these renewable sources of energy suffer from their drawbacks.

This energy system has worked well for over a hundred years. However, there has been a rapid change in the 21st century. Much like the many developments in modern society, the way we use electricity is changing. The world is looking for cleaner sources of energy like solar panels and wind farms, installed in diverse geographical locations. There has been an elevated general sense in the regulatory bodies to modernize their approaches and the way electricity is generated and distributed.

How has the Battery Market Changed in Light of the Current Situation?

With the increasing population and electricity demand, fossil fuel reserves are decreasing. The world is in no position to supplement the ever-rising demand. More environment-friendly and sustainable energy resources must be looked out for. For the same, batteries and electrical utilities that are reusable and recyclable are gaining widespread predominance. AA and AAA rechargeable batteries are exploding the market with its benefits and being passionate about nature.

Much alike to the electrical grid system updates, the battery market is undergoing a revolution as well. There have been pressing concerns regarding disposal and usage. The single-use batteries are dumped in the landfill sites and are not easily degraded. They consist of several heavy metals that not only contaminate the ground but seep down below into the water table as well. There have been several concerns about the same and so, the use and sale of AAA or AA rechargeable batteries have gone up. People are now understanding the importance of such batteries and how safe they are to use.

Furthermore, batteries are being used for transport and communication, in the form of electric vehicles and mobile phones. However, mobile phones came into existence a lot before EV, batteries form the most integral part of both. Such batteries are being thought of to work fair in the energy grid systems as well.

Wrapping It Up

The battery technology has evolved in a number of ways. First, from being able to store only some power to entering the reversal cycles for rechargeable batteries, and then to the batteries used in laptops and mobile phones that can go on for a very long time. While there is so much of unexplored potential still left, many top companies like Smartcell batteries are offering rechargeable solutions at an affordable price.

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